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Muming pet grooming training school explains what issues should be noticed during dog estrus?
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What issues should be noticed during dog estrus? The following is a brief introduction to the pet grooming training school for everyone:
First, the "male and female" female dogs are in estrus twice a year, mostly in March-April in spring and September-October in autumn, and generally last about 20 days. During this period, there will be some changes in the dog's physiological functions and temperament. The owner should take corresponding measures according to the changes of the dog to avoid unnecessary losses.
The estrus of male dogs can be followed irregularly. In the season of female estrous breeding, the testes of male dogs enter a functionally active state. When the female dogs are close to estrus, the male dogs can smell excitement and complete mating. Under normal circumstances, male dogs are sexually mature to about 9 months of age.
2. "I'm in love"
During a dog's estrus, some physical changes occur. Changes in male dogs may not be obvious, and physiological changes in female dogs are obvious. First, blood and mucus in the vulva are the first characteristics of the female dog's estrus, and then the vulva will swell and enlarge in about a week. The owner must be careful when nursing the bitch in estrus. It is better to wipe the dog's genitals with a soft cloth soaked in warm water every day, and keep warm. It is better not to bathe the dog during estrus, and do not let the dog lie on the cold ground for a long time.
3. Dogs will also have "Acacia"
Dogs in estrus may not like to eat, bitches may be irritable, unconscious, and loss of appetite. These are normal phenomena. The owner does not need to worry too much. He can try to modify the dog's recipe, try to choose foods that are easy to digest, avoid cold and spicy acid, and supplement the dog with proper nutrition.
4. "My territory is my master"-the occupation of male dogs. During the estrus period of male dogs, there will be a clear occupation of the territory, that is, peeing everywhere. His own urine on the urine is to tell other dogs that this is his territory, and the female dogs appearing on this site are his. The higher the urine, the more places, indicating that the sphere of influence is greater, so most male dogs in estrus will vigorously raise their legs to strive for higher urine.
In addition, the fighting of male dogs in estrus is frequent, and dogs may fight because of mating problems. Therefore, the behavior of the dog should be appropriately restricted to prevent the dog from being injured.
Five, be sure to fasten the leash when walking the dog!
The traction rope is an essential tool for dogs to walk in estrus. Do not let them go freely, because the male dog in estrus is very easy to follow the little bitch and lose it.
During estrus, the female dog must wear physiological pants during the process of walking the dog to prevent "mating", because the success rate of dogs after mating is quite high.
6. Contraception and sterilization There are various drugs on the market that can inhibit estrus in cats and dogs, but the effect is not absolute. It is better not to overdo it. Some people even use human contraceptives in order to prevent dogs from estrus, which is absolutely not good for dogs, and even poisoning is life-threatening.
People in the pet industry at home and abroad encourage early sterilization of pets, which can make the dog's character very docile and extend the dog's life to a certain extent. And the female dog will not get uterine pus, ovarian cyst, uterine cancer and other diseases, and the male dog will not get prostate disease. After the dog has been sterilized, in addition to a reasonable diet, do not overfeed and oversupply nutrition. This will most likely make the dog fat.
The above is a brief introduction for Muming Pet Grooming Training School. For more information about pet grooming training, please pay attention to our official website: .


郑州宠物美容培训,郑州宠物美容招生 Keywords in this article: Zhengzhou pet grooming training, Zhengzhou pet grooming enrollment

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