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Zhengzhou Pet Grooming School explains how dogs have diarrhea?
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Dog diarrhea is a common headache for pets because dogs may also have vomiting and constipation. There is also the possibility that eating too much, too oily, too fast, or eating something that is not digestible will cause the dog to thin.
First of all, let's find out which diarrhea is caused by simple digestion ?
1. Clearly know that the dog's diet is not normal for a period of time before defecation: such as eating a lot of meat, eating popsicles, encountering its particularly crazy food, and eating something that is not usually eaten (such as Some fruits, vegetables or ice drinks) and so on.
2. The dog has no obvious abnormal diet, but it is thinner. We need to carefully observe the color and state of defecation: is it dark brown bloody stool or contains blood, is there a pus-like substance, and it is not parasitic? Eggs or peristaltic larvae, if these conditions mean not only digestive problems, you need to go to the hospital for treatment in time.
3. In addition to observing feces, observe other conditions of the dog, such as whether the body temperature is high (normal rectal body temperature: puppies 38-39 ° C, adult dogs 37.5-38.5 ° C, if we measure the body surface, we will Slightly lower, that is, the dog we measured was 37 ° C, and the rectal temperature may be 37.5-38 ° C.), We also need to see if the dog is accompanied by strong vomiting, and whether the vomit has Scarlet and so on. In short, look at the dogs for symptoms other than diarrhea.
Treatment recommendations:
① Fasting for 24 hours: This is very effective for dogs who eat too much diarrhea, but you should pay attention to fasting but not water;
② If the dog is dilute severely, here are the medicines and reference dosages you can use:
Yeast tablets 8-12 g / kg, orally, three times daily;
Lactase 1-2 g / kg, orally, three times a day;
Haloperic acid 10 mg / kg, orally, twice daily;
Smecta 250-500 mg / kg, orally, twice daily;
Vidicone 0.02-0.08 g / kg, orally, twice a day ③ If symptoms such as bloodshot and black blood appear, it is recommended to seek medical treatment in time, it may be severe gastroenteritis or small!

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郑州宠物美容培训,郑州宠物美容招生 Keywords in this article: Zhengzhou pet grooming training, Zhengzhou pet grooming enrollment

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