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Butterfly dog's toe claw nursing skills and methods
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小编介绍蝴蝶犬是一种小猎犬,是权贵贵妇的掌中珍宝。 Zhengzhou pet grooming school editor introduced butterfly dog is a beagle, a treasure in the palm of a noblewoman. The butterfly dog's head is small and its head is slightly arched. It is a weak and clever dog breed, especially likes outdoor sports. At the same time, it is strong to the owner and jealous of third parties. The dog's claws should be trimmed in time, otherwise his sharp claws will damage the owner's clothes and body. The method skills can refer to the following experience:


First, choose a professional dog nail clipper. Note that the structure and hardness of the dog's toenails are completely different from those of our humans. The toenails used by our humans are not suitable for pet dogs. Go to a pet store and buy a toenails for dogs, and the cost will not be high.

Second, check the toenails of the butterfly dog once every 3-4 weeks, and then trim it. Cutting nails for dogs should start from puppies. Cultivate dogs to get used to cutting nails from a young age so that they will not be afraid of nervousness when they grow up.

Third, before cutting your nails, hug the butterfly dog and stabilize its body. Then paw the foot and look at its toenails. When trimming, be careful not to cut too much or too deep at a time, as this can easily hurt the dog's flesh and blood vessels and cause bleeding.


Fourth, when you start trimming, you must carefully observe that the transparent part of the front of the dog's toenails can be cut off, and the back of the bloodline cannot be built. Trimming can be done little by little to avoid hurting the dog's flesh.

Tips from Zhengzhou Pet Beauty School: In the whole process, if you accidentally let the butterfly dog bleed, you must deal with it in time. Check for serious damage, and if necessary, disinfect the dog's paw and stop bleeding. If the parents really don't cut the nails of the butterfly dog, then they should first give it to a professional pet groomer.

郑州宠物美容培训,郑州宠物美容招生 Keywords in this article: Zhengzhou pet grooming training, Zhengzhou pet grooming enrollment
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