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Zhengzhou pet grooming training teaches you the right calcium supplement for dogs
Author: admin Published: 2017/11/8 Hits: QR code sharing

Many owners have a misunderstanding that they have been supplementing their dogs with calcium, and do not know whether the dog is deficient in calcium or whether the dog ’s nutrition is normal. 学校小编整理一些资料,希望可以帮助大家了解怎么给狗狗补钙。 The editor of Zhengzhou Pet Grooming Training School compiled some information, hoping to help everyone understand how to add calcium to dogs.

1. Calcium supplementation is needed when a dog is weaned, because puppies need a lot of calcium nutrition when they are growing up to make up for the demand for calcium nutrition during growth. When dog food is rich in calcium, puppies do not need calcium supplements to grow normally. When dogs are in a calcium deficiency, they need calcium supplements in the process of slow growth.

2. Calcium supplementation is needed during the rapid growth of the dog. At this time, the calcium nutrition required by the dog can not be satisfied in the dog food. At this time, parents need to supplement the dog with additional calcium alone.


3. The vast majority of calcium supplements for dogs are supplemented by food, among which are foods with high calcium nutrition, animal liver or meat as the main food. Although these foods have high nutritional value, they are not suitable for dogs to eat in large quantities, so you should choose the correct feeding method.

4. The method of calcium supplementation for dogs is actually similar to that of humans. You can supplement your dog's calcium with food and supplements. You can feed some milk or eat some dairy products and cartilage and reduce foods such as liver with high vitamin A Ingestion is also good for calcium supplementation. If your dog is already showing symptoms of calcium deficiency, you need to take medications, such as feeding Sargin's original imported joint nutrition tablets.

5. Dog calcium supplements should be appropriate, too much calcium dogs can not absorb, according to the dog breed, body type, age and calcium deficiency to determine, under normal circumstances, some nutrients contained in dog food It can fully meet the nutritional needs of dogs during their growth.

The above is an introduction about calcium supplementation for dogs. I hope everyone understands these. Want to know Zhengzhou pet grooming training, Zhengzhou pet grooming school and other information, welcome attention: Muming pet grooming training school.

郑州宠物美容培训,郑州宠物美容招生 Keywords in this article: Zhengzhou pet grooming training, Zhengzhou pet grooming enrollment
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