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  • 比较容易饲养的小型犬有哪些
    What are the easier dogs to keep

    Zhengzhou Pet Grooming Training School introduces that compared with some medium and large dogs, small dogs are still more convenient. No matter in the daily breeding process or in the time of pet grooming, a lot of effort must be saved. If you want to keep a pet and you want a pet dog that is easier to take care of, it is better to choose a small dog. Small dogs are relatively easy to take care of. However, it is not easy to take care of small dogs with long hairs, so you must consider carefully when choosing pets. 1. Pug Dog This is an ancient Chinese dog breed and a long-lived breed. He is 25-28 cm tall and weighs 6-8 kg. The head is square, with a wrinkled flat face, a very kind expression. Its affection is very gentle, not loving and ...

  • 郑州宠物美容培训教你正确给狗狗补钙
    Zhengzhou pet grooming training teaches you the right calcium supplement for dogs

    Many owners have a misunderstanding that they have been supplementing their dogs with calcium, and do not know whether the dog is deficient in calcium or whether the dog ’s nutrition is normal. The editor of Zhengzhou Pet Grooming Training School compiled some information, hoping to help everyone understand how to add calcium to dogs. 1. Calcium supplementation is needed when a dog is weaned, because puppies need a lot of calcium nutrition when they are growing up to make up for the demand for calcium nutrition during growth. When dog food is rich in calcium, puppies do not need calcium supplements to grow normally. When dogs are in a calcium deficiency, they need calcium supplements in the process of slow growth. 2. Calcium supplementation is needed during the rapid growth of the dog. At this time, the calcium nutrition required by the dog can not be satisfied in the dog food. At this time, parents need to supplement the dog with additional calcium alone. 3. The vast majority of calcium supplements for dogs are passed ...

  • 蝴蝶犬的趾爪护理技巧及方法
    Butterfly dog's toe claw nursing skills and methods

    Zhengzhou pet grooming school editor introduced butterfly dog is a beagle, a treasure in the palm of a noblewoman. The butterfly dog's head is small and its head is slightly arched. It is a weak and clever dog breed, especially likes outdoor sports. At the same time, it is strong to the owner and jealous of third parties. The dog's claws should be trimmed in time, otherwise his sharp claws will damage the owner's clothes and body. The method and skills can refer to the following experience: First, choose a professional dog toenail scissors. Note that the structure and hardness of the dog's toenails are completely different from those of our humans. The toenails used by our humans are not suitable for pet dogs. Go to a pet store and buy a toenails for dogs, and the cost will not be high. Second, check the toenails of the butterfly dog once every 3-4 weeks ...

  • 宠物美容学校带你了解狗狗掉毛的护理方法
    Pet grooming school shows you how to care for dog hair loss

    Zhengzhou Pet Grooming School points out that dog hair loss is actually a normal situation, and generally dogs will lose hair in a certain period of time. At this time, we should give more hair care to dogs. In fact, dogs like hair loss is normal physiological metabolism, but the dog's body does not sweat, there is no sweat glands, only sweat through the tongue and feet. The hair loss of dogs is not the same, and some dogs have more hair loss, because these dogs basically do not need to take care of, basically maintain a certain length, and then fall off naturally. Dogs need regular repairs to their hair to achieve aesthetic effects. In life, you will find the phenomenon of dog hair loss, and this phenomenon is still very serious. Why do dogs have this phenomenon? Many ...

  • 郑州宠物美容培训鸟你如何训练马犬的扑咬
    Zhengzhou pet grooming training bird how do you train horse dogs to bite

    If you want a horse dog to be a qualified guard dog, natural horse dog bite training is necessary and very basic. Is it a danger to the surroundings as a horse dog bite training? In fact, it is not, well trained Only when the owner is in danger, they will do this behavior. How to train the dog's bite training? Zhengzhou pet grooming training editor compiled the following information for your reference. First of all, before training dogs to bite, before training the dogs, it is necessary to gradually cultivate their alertness, which is to form a directional reflection of external stimuli, and then to hate. Then during the training process, you should find a quiet and spacious place to exclude the outside interference to the dog to prevent it from affecting the dog's training. Secondly, to train dogs to bite, you should ask friends to help, and things ...

  • 喜爱的动物耳毛该如何拔?
    How to remove the ear hair of a favorite animal?

    The purpose of plucking pet dogs is to keep their ears clean, to avoid breeding and breeding of ear mites, and to prevent inflammation of the ear canal. However, many puppies are unwilling to remove their ear hairs for the first time, because plucking ear hairs can hurt. Then what should be done? If you must pull the flowers, take them to Zhengzhou Pet Grooming Training. Compared with their experience, they will not hurt GG. It is recommended not to choose the kind of ear-pulling hair powder, which is easy to be allergic and GG will feel uncomfortable . Before you have to pluck your ears, talk to your dog to help him relax his tension. When the puppy is about to forget, start plucking it. Note that before you communicate, you must sprinkle some ear hair powder, so that you can relatively reduce the pain when plucking your hair. When plucking your ears, speed ...

  • 宠物美容学校为何如此受欢迎?
    Why are pet grooming schools so popular?

    In today's increasingly fierce social competition, employment seems to have become the focus of people's attention forever, no suitable job can be found, and dissatisfaction with employment seems to be a common problem encountered by many people. However, as a pet groomer school in an emerging industry, the industry has always been favored. Why are pet grooming schools so popular? Here is a brief analysis of the pet grooming training schools for everyone: For beauticians, the general goal is to open a pet grooming salon. It is recommended to develop to a pet grooming technician and teacher pet grooming consultant in the early stage. When the accumulation of experience and funds reaches a certain level, you can prepare to open a store on your own. From a macro perspective, there are more and more people raising pets, but pet grooming shops in cities are far behind the needs of consumers, and the market demand is large. Pet ...

  • 慕名宠物美容培训:德国牧羊犬的护理
    Intriguing Pet Grooming Training: Care for German Shepherds

    How does the famous pet grooming training care for German Shepherds? The German shepherd, also known as the German black-back (shell), is also commonly referred to as the German wolf dog. This breed is said to originate in Germany. The only thing that can be confirmed is that in 1880 the dog was fixed in Germany And used as a shepherd. They are agile and suitable for action-oriented work environments, and they are often deployed for various tasks. When grooming a German Shepherd, use ear wipes or liquid ear wash to clean his ears once a week. Trim her tail hair with special scissors every month. Dry the hair with a towel before using the dryer. After the dog's hair is completely dry, comb it with a sharp steel hair brush or a large, hard brush. You can choose a sharper brush, use excellent ...

  • 郑州宠物美容学校讲解狗狗拉肚子怎么治?
    Zhengzhou Pet Grooming School explains how dogs have diarrhea?

    Dog diarrhea is a common headache for pets because dogs may also have vomiting and constipation. There is also the possibility that eating too much, too oily, too fast, or eating something that is not digestible will cause the dog to thin. Poodle. First of all, let's find out which diarrhea is caused by simple digestion? 1. Clearly know that the dog's diet is not normal for a period of time before defecation: such as eating a lot of meat, eating popsicles, encountering its particularly crazy food, and eating something that is not usually eaten (such as Some fruits, vegetables or ice drinks) and so on. 2. The dog has no obvious abnormal diet, but it is thinner. We need to carefully observe the color and state of defecation: is it dark brown bloody stool or contains blood, is there a pus-like substance, is it ...

  • 慕名宠物美容培训学校讲解狗发情期要注意哪些问题?
    Muming pet grooming training school explains what issues should be noticed during dog estrus?

    What issues should be noticed during dog estrus? The following is a brief introduction to the pet grooming training school: First, "male and female" different female dogs estrus twice a year, mostly in March-April in spring and September-October in autumn, usually last about 20 days. During this period, there will be some changes in the dog's physiological functions and temperament. The owner should take corresponding measures according to the changes of the dog to avoid unnecessary losses. The estrus of male dogs can be followed irregularly. In the season of female estrous breeding, the testes of male dogs enter a functionally active state. When the female dogs are close to estrus, the male dogs can smell excitement and complete mating. Under normal circumstances, male dogs are sexually mature to about 9 months of age. 2. "I'm in love" When a dog is in estrus, he will physiologically ...

  • 郑州宠物美容招生学校告诉您清理狗狗肛门腺的方法
    Zhengzhou pet grooming admissions school tells you how to clean up the dog's anal glands

    All dogs have anal glands that are located at one end of the rectum. The anal glands secrete a strong brown liquid that should be emptied automatically during defecation. However, the anal glands of most dogs will be tightly closed or even clogged. They need to be emptied and the work is arduous, but someone must do it. You may never empty the anal glands for your dog, but if you do, you can spend a lot of money. Ask a doctor, or ask a professional beautician for everything, or just do it yourself. The Zhengzhou Pet Grooming Admissions School tells you how to clean up the dog's anal glands: A dog that is familiar with the grooming process may not care about this procedure and the accustomed dog will not care about it. In fact, it will be relaxed after emptying. When your dog spins on the floor, or often licks a certain area, it means that it is time to empty the anal glands for your dog. anus...

  • 郑州宠物美容学校告诉您狗狗有泪痕的原因及去除方法
    Zhengzhou Pet Grooming School tells you why dogs have tear marks and how to remove them

    There are two tan tears on the face with a beautiful face. This is annoying for many owners. Why should there be tears? How to treat them? Why are there tears? Zhengzhou Pet Beauty School-Muming Pets will briefly introduce it for everyone: This is because the tear secretion increases, it flows out from the corner of the eye, and after the water is evaporated, the pigment is deposited on the hair. There are two reasons for the increase in tears: 1. The abnormality of the lacrimal glands makes the tears increase. 2. The nasolacrimal duct is abnormal, and tears are not excreted smoothly, which leads to tears flowing out of the eyes. The main causes of lacrimal gland abnormalities are: 1. Conjunctivitis and keratitis caused by bacteria and viruses. 2. Eyelid inversion, eyelashes are constantly caused by eyelashes. 3. Hair, bath or other chemicals irritate the eyes. 4. External otitis or facial skin disease, when the dog tickles ...

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