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Muming Pet Beauty Training School

2017 tuition fees
Class C Business Class-35 hours of class time, cost 6500 (the first place in the comprehensive graduation exam will receive a professional cut)
C-level professional class-60 days, 12000 (including 10 days of intensive courses in Japan and South Korea + 7 days of pre-match training)
C business + Japanese and Korean courses for 50 days, cost 10,000
Courses in Japan and South Korea-15 class hours, cost 6000 (including wool felt, foam practice, creative modeling and design, pet photography, various types of modeling, photos of works)
B-level professional class-40 days, 18,000 yuan (including Japanese and Korean style diamonds, Lam diamonds in VIP arena, VIP match outfit 2 types of learning, guide learning, free pass before the test)
C + B continuous course-3 months of class time, cost 22000 (including all courses of C-level professional class-all courses of B-level class, to ensure that students have passed the B-level pet groomer identification competition)
及指导手牵引,并教授教学方法,保证学员考过A级宠物美容师鉴定比赛) Class A professional mentor class-3 months, 38,000 hours (including the top class of poodle competition, class A course instructor and guide hand traction, and teaching methods to ensure that students have passed the class A pet groomer identification competition)
CBA Continuing Course-Costs 60,000 (6 months) to pass a Class A Pet Beautician Appraisal Competition within one year.
C-level training before the game-3000 (one week)
B-level training before the game -4000 (one week)
Intensified training before the A level -6000 (one week)
All pre-match training trainees register for free for more than 2 weeks. A model dog is provided for test use. All the trainees participating in domestic and foreign pet beautician appraisal contests will receive the school's learning fund (excellent award or 2-3 500, especially outstanding) Prize or 1st place 1000) Use for training

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