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Gap of pet grooming training at home and abroad
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Pet grooming training abroad generally requires 4 months of training before the appraisal exam. Why do you want to do this, because a pet shop that pays attention to quality and quality will not let a newly graduated pet groomer get started and take the customer's dog directly to experiment, so you need to train enough during the study and require a lot of Different model dogs, which is also the weakness of domestic training institutions.

       Large-scale institutions in Shanghai and Shenzhen, recruited cosmetologists must go through their own internal training before they can send technical posts. Many graduates who come out of domestic beauty classes are full of frustration when they enter the beauty workplace. Many people even leave In this market, all this is due to the atmosphere of the domestic pet grooming industry. Student training is not enough. This is not enough. The responsibility is not entirely at the beauty school or at the bottom of the industry. It is caused by bad competition and tuition is cheap. Schools can only conduct The training is relatively short, and the training conditions, especially the number of dog training sessions, are not enough.

       Domestic pet groomer training. Basically, each province has its own groomer training course. The soft and hard conditions vary from place to place. The investment is small. The venue and model dogs are far from the requirements of foreign countries. Take class C, for example, a class is usually a one-month class. The tuition fee is only about 5,000, and some even charge more than 3,000. A certificate of completion is issued internally, and the opportunity to train with a dog is not enough, so Students who come out in this way definitely need to be retrained in society to be competent in technical posts, and many people estimate that they have left the pet industry at this stage.

郑州宠物美容培训,郑州宠物美容招生 Keywords in this article: Zhengzhou pet grooming training, Zhengzhou pet grooming enrollment

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